5669 children, examples of

5669 children, examples of

In Scripture specific children are marked out as belonging to the Lord. Mention of others is made in association with miracles or notable situations.

The child Jesus Christ

Mt 1:23 See also Mt 2:11; Lk 2:34,49-51

Other notable children

Ex 2:7-8 Moses; Jdg 11:36 Jephthah’s daughter Samuel: 1Sa 2:18,26 David: 1Sa 16:11; 1Sa 17:33,41-42
2Ki 5:2 the young girl who helped Naaman; Lk 1:80 John the Baptist; 2Ti 3:15 Timothy

Children in the miracles of Jesus Christ

Jairus’daughter: Mt 9:18 pp Mk 5:22-23 pp Lk 8:41-42; Mt 9:23-25 pp Mk 5:38-43 pp Lk 8:49-55; Mt 15:21-28 pp Mk 7:24-30 Canaanite woman’s daughter; Mt 17:14-18 pp Mk 9:17-27 pp Lk 9:38-43 boy with epilepsy; Lk 7:11-15 widow’s son at Nain; Jn 4:46-52 official’s son at Capernaum
Jn 6:9 the boy who gave his lunch to help feed the crowd

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