5659 bride

5659 bride

A woman who is about to be married or who has just got married. In the NT the church is described as the bride of Christ.

Jewels and ornaments worn by a bride at her wedding

Isa 61:10 See also Ps 45:9,14; SS 4:9; Isa 49:18; Jer 2:32

Joy and happiness associated with a bride

Jer 33:10-11 See also Jer 7:34; Jer 16:9; Jer 25:10; Rev 18:23

The bride as the object of the bridegroom’s love and affection

Isa 62:5 See also SS 4:8-15; SS 5:1

The bridegroom as the object of the bride’s love and affection

Jer 2:2-3

Exemptions for a newly married bride

Joel 2:16 A newly married bride would normally be excused from certain civic and religious duties. See also Dt 24:5

The bride price

Ge 34:11-12 A bridegroom was required to pay a bride-price to the father of his bride. See also Ge 29:18-30; 1Sa 18:20-27

Proof of a bride’s virginity was required in certain circumstances

Dt 22:13-21

The church depicted as the bride of Christ

Eph 5:25-27 See also Rev 19:7-9; Rev 21:1-2,9-27; Rev 22:17

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