5630 work, divine and human

5630 work, divine and human

God has ordained that some of his purposes be fulfilled through the co-operation (conscious or unconscious) of human beings.

God works in co-operation with people’s work

Human labour is futile apart from God Ps 127:1 See also Ge 11:8; Jn 15:5

God often works through human means Ps 77:20 See also Ac 9:15; Ro 13:6; 2Co 7:6

God gives the gifts needed for work Ex 31:3,6; Lk 12:48; 1Pe 4:11

Human workers should acknowledge their dependence upon God Dt 8:18 See also Ps 90:17; Ne 6:9,16; 2Co 3:5

The apostles as God’s fellow-workers 1Co 3:9; 2Co 6:1 See also Mk 16:20

Examples of divine and human co-operation in work

Php 2:12-13

God creates and people cultivate Ge 2:15; Isa 28:23-29; 1Co 3:7

God gives and people are generous 1Ki 17:9; 2Co 8:1-5

God speaks through prophets’words Dt 18:15-18; 2Sa 12:25; Jer 37:2; Hos 12:13; Mt 1:22; 2Pe 1:21

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