5607 warfare, examples of

5607 warfare, examples of

From the time of entering the promised land, Israel was obliged to engage in warfare against other nations. Success is attributed to Israel’s trust in the Lord and failure to lack of faith and disobedience.

Israel had to engage in warfare to enter Canaan

It was commanded by God Dt 7:1-2 See also Ex 23:27-31; Dt 9:1-5; Dt 20:16-18

Joshua conquers the land Jos 11:23 See also Jos 6:2; Jos 8:1-2; Jos 10:40-42; Ne 9:24; Ps 44:1-3

Israel failed to drive out the remaining Canaanites Jdg 1:19 Judah distrusted God’s power to destroy their enemy’s iron chariots. See also Jdg 1:28; Jdg 2:1-3,14-15

Israel was obliged to engage in warfare to defend the land

When unfaithful they were defeated Jdg 3:12-14 See also Lev 26:14-17,33; Dt 28:15,25; Jdg 3:7-8; Jdg 6:1-3; 2Ch 12:1-4; 2Ch 24:23-24

When faithful they were victorious 2Ch 20:20 See also Dt 28:1,7; 1Sa 7:7-14; 1Sa 11:1-11; 2Ch 20:15-24

Israel’s internal struggles

2Sa 3:1; 1Ki 12:21 See also 2Sa 2:8-17; 2Sa 15:14; 1Ki 15:6-7,16; 2Ki 13:12; 2Ki 14:9-15

Israel’s constant unfaithfulness led to the exile

1Ch 5:25-26 See also 2Ki 17:5-8,22-23

Judah’s constant unfaithfulness led to the Babylonian captivity

2Ch 36:16-17 See also 2Ki 25:1 pp Jer 52:4-5; 2Ki 25:8-11 pp Jer 52:12-15; 2Ki 25:21 pp Jer 52:27; Jer 1:13-16

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