5444 pledges

5444 pledges

A solemn, binding promise, often involving the deposit of valuable items or property as a guarantee that the promise will be kept. To break a pledge is to sin against God.

Pledges were binding

Nu 30:2 See also Nu 30:3-15 In certain cases pledges made by daughters or wives could be nullified by fathers or husbands respectively.

Pledges were solemn promises

2Ki 23:3 pp 2Ch 34:31-32 See also 1Ch 29:24; Ezr 10:19; Eze 17:16-18; Mic 7:20; 1Pe 3:21

Pledges were guarantees that a promise would be kept

Items deposited to secure a pledge Ge 38:17-18 See also Ex 22:26-27; Dt 24:10-13; Pr 20:16; Pr 27:13

Unjust exaction of pledges condemned Dt 24:17 See also Job 22:4-6; Job 24:2-3; Am 2:6-8

Warning against making pledges on behalf of others

Pr 11:15 The foolishness of making a pledge as security for someone else’s debt. See also Pr 6:1-5; Pr 17:18; Pr 22:26-27

Pledges and betrothal

Mt 1:18-19 Betrothal was a pledge to marry and as such was much more binding than the modern Western practice of engagement. It could only be broken by divorce and the betrothed woman was already described as a wife. See also Ex 22:16; Dt 22:23-25; Lk 1:27

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