5383 lawsuits

5383 lawsuits

Legal trials in which the court decides between two opposing parties. OT law makes provision for such trials, insisting on justice for all, regardless of social status.

Regulations relating to lawsuits

Warnings against discrimination on the basis of social status Ex 23:6 See also Ex 23:3; Lev 19:15; Dt 1:17; Pr 22:22-23

Warnings against false testimony Ex 23:1-2 See also Ex 20:16 pp Dt 5:20; Dt 19:15-21; Zec 8:16

Provision for a court of appeal Dt 17:8-13 See also Dt 1:15-18

Lawsuits to judge between two parties

Dt 25:1 See also Ex 18:16; Ex 21:22; Job 9:32-35; Pr 25:7-10; Pr 29:9; Mt 5:25-26; Jas 2:5-7

Believers should not bring lawsuits against each other

1Co 6:1-8

Injustice in lawsuits

Am 5:15 See also Isa 29:20-21; Am 2:7; Am 5:7-12

Excess of lawsuits a symptom of social disorder

Hos 10:4

Examples of lawsuits

2Sa 15:1-4 See also 2Sa 14:1-20; 1Ki 3:16-27; 2Ki 6:26-29; Ac 18:12-16; Ac 19:35-41

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