5307 envoy

5307 envoy

An official representative sent on behalf of a king or government to other kings or nations. Believers are God’s envoys to his world, bearing the good news of salvation on his behalf.

Envoys sent to other kings or governments

See also Ps 68:31; Pr 13:17; Isa 30:4

To continue or promote good relations 1Ki 5:1 See also 2Sa 10:2 pp 1Ch 19:2; 2Ki 20:12-13 pp Isa 39:1-2; Isa 30:6; Isa 57:9 in this instance with godless nations

To deceive Jos 9:4

To ask for military help 2Ki 17:4; Eze 17:15

To make enquiries 2Ch 32:31; Isa 14:32

With a message to prepare for war Isa 18:2; Jer 49:14 pp Ob 1

To negotiate for peace Isa 33:7; Lk 14:32

With a message of God’s judgment to the nations Jer 27:3

With a message of rebellion Lk 19:14

Believers are God’s envoys to his world

2Co 5:20 See also Mt 28:19; Jn 17:18; Jn 20:21; Ro 10:15; Isa 52:7; 2Co 2:17; Eph 6:20

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