5209 armour

5209 armour

Protective covering worn by soldiers to prevent injury in battle. However, those who wore it were not impregnable. Christians are to be equipped with spiritual armour.

Coat of armour

The breastplate 2Ch 26:14 See also 1Sa 17:5,38; 2Sa 20:8; Eph 6:14

The belt 2Sa 20:8 The belt was an essential item of armour as it held the protective parts of the tunic in place. See also 1Sa 18:4; 2Sa 18:11; Eph 6:14

The helmet 1Sa 17:5 See also 1Sa 17:38; 2Ch 26:14; Jer 46:4; Eze 38:5

The shield Jer 46:3 See also 2Ch 11:12; 2Ch 32:5; Ne 4:16; Eph 6:16

Armour worn by soldiers

2Ch 26:14 See also Nu 31:3-5; Nu 32:20-21,27; Jos 4:13; Jer 46:3-4


1Sa 16:21 Armour-bearers were sometimes used to carry the shield and additional weapons for a military leader or outstanding warrior. See also Jdg 9:54; 1Sa 14:1,6-14; 1Sa 17:7

Those wearing armour were not impregnable

1Ki 20:11; 1Ki 22:34 pp 2Ch 18:33 See also 1Sa 17:48-49; 1Sa 31:3-4; Lk 11:21-22

Christians are to be equipped with spiritual armour

Eph 6:11 See also Eph 6:13-17; Ro 13:12; 2Co 6:7; 1Th 5:8

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