5182 skin

5182 skin

The outer covering of the body. Diseased skin is often subject to pain and regarded as unclean.

Skin as the outer covering of the body

Job 10:10-11 See also Ge 3:21; Ge 27:11; Eze 37:6,8

Violence against the skin

Mic 3:2-3 See also Job 2:4-5

Skin and bones

Ps 102:5 To be reduced to skin and bones is a mark of severe suffering. See also Nu 4:8-14 animal skins used for covering the ark of the Testimony; Job 19:20; La 3:4; La 4:8

Skin diseases

Skin diseases are painful Job 30:30 See also Job 7:5; Job 18:13; La 5:10

They can be defiling Nu 5:2-3 See also Lev 13:1-11,43-46; Lev 22:4

As God’s punishment for sin Nu 12:10-11 Miriam; 2Ki 5:26-27 Naaman; 2Ch 26:19-20 Uzziah

Healed by Jesus Christ Mt 8:2-3 pp Mk 1:40-42 pp Lk 5:12-13; Lk 17:12-14

Skin cannot be changed

Jer 13:23

A person can know God even when the skin has been destroyed

Job 19:26-27

See also

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9210judgment, God’s

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