5153 foot-washing

5153 foot-washing

A practice of hospitality used by Jesus Christ to express his servanthood.

Foot-washing as a sign of courteous hospitality

Ge 18:4 See also Ge 19:2; Jdg 19:21; 1Sa 25:41; Lk 7:44

Jesus Christ washes his disciples’feet

Jn 13:3-5 The washing of feet was a lowly task normally performed by a servant.

As an example of servanthood for his followers Jn 13:14 See also Mt 20:26-27 pp Mk 10:44-45; Lk 22:26-27; 1Ti 5:10

As a symbol of spiritual cleansing Jn 13:6-10

See also

2327Christ as servant
2339Christ, example of

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