5131 belt

5131 belt

An item of clothing, worn round the waist, used for gathering clothes and holding weapons or money.

The belt as an item of clothing

1Ki 18:46 See also 2Sa 20:8; 1Ki 2:5; 2Ki 4:29; 2Ki 9:1; Ps 109:19; Isa 5:27; Jer 13:1-11; Da 10:5; Mt 10:9 pp Mk 6:8; Ac 21:11

Part of the battledress of a warrior

1Sa 18:4 See also 2Sa 18:11; Eze 23:15

A leather belt was a sign of rough living

2Ki 1:8 See also Mt 3:4 pp Mk 1:6

The belt symbolises truth and righteousness

Isa 11:5; Eph 6:14

See also

8486spiritual warfare, armour

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