5031 knowledge, of sin

5031 knowledge, of sin

Originating with the fall, it is revealed by conscience, the law and the Holy Spirit.

Knowledge of sin as a result of the fall

Ge 3:1-13 See also Ge 2:16-17; Ge 3:22

Knowledge of sin through conscience

Ro 2:14-15 See also 1Sa 24:5-6; 2Sa 24:10; Heb 10:22

Knowledge of sin through the law

Ro 3:20 See also Ro 5:13; Ro 7:7

The law was taught to all in Israel Lev 10:11 See also Dt 4:1; Dt 5:31; Dt 6:6-9

Knowledge of sin through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit

Jn 16:7-11 See also 1Th 1:5

See also

3248Holy Spirit, conviction
5033knowledge of good & evil
6624confession of sin

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