4648 goad

4648 goad

A spike used to drive animals on. The term is also figuratively applied to prompting and guiding people into action.

The goad as a farming implement

Used with animals 1Sa 13:21

Used as a weapon Jdg 3:31

Goading as a symbol of discipline

God’s word as a goad Ecc 12:11 See also Ac 2:37

Conscience as a goad Ac 26:14 See also Ex 25:2; Job 20:2; Ro 2:15

Encouragement as a goad Heb 10:24 See also 1Th 1:3 The promptings of love and faith may be seen as symbolic goads.

People goaded into doing wrong

Ge 3:1,12; Ex 32:1,23; Job 15:5; Jn 13:2

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