4428 corn

4428 corn

A cereal crop cultivated for food use. An important agricultural crop in biblical times, it is mentioned frequently in Scripture.

The importance of corn

It was a basic foodstuff Ps 65:9 See also 2Ki 4:42-44; Eze 36:24-31; Mt 12:1-8 pp Mk 2:23-28 pp Lk 6:1-5

It was an important cereal crop Ps 72:16 See also Jdg 15:1-6; Ps 65:11-13; Isa 36:16-17

Harvesting corn

Mk 4:26-29 See also Dt 16:9-10; Job 24:22-24; Isa 17:4-6; Jer 9:22

Legislation relating to corn

Dt 23:25 See also Ex 22:6

Corn featuring in dreams

Ge 37:5-8 See also Ge 41:5-7,22-32

The metaphorical use of corn

Hos 14:5-7 See also Jer 50:11-13

See also

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