4369 sulphur

4369 sulphur

A yellow, crystalline substance, also known as brimstone, which ignites and burns readily. It is invariably associated with divine punishment in Scripture.

Burning sulphur causes desolation

Dt 29:23 See also Job 18:12-17

Divine punishment by means of burning sulphur

Ps 11:5-6 See also Isa 30:31-33; Isa 34:8-10; Eze 38:21-23; Rev 9:13-19; Rev 14:9-11

Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by burning sulphur

Ge 19:24-25 See also Lk 17:28-29

The lake of burning sulphur

Rev 21:8 See also Rev 19:19-21; Rev 20:7-10

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