3284 Holy Spirit, resisting

3284 Holy Spirit, resisting

The work of the Holy Spirit can be resisted through disobedience and unbelief.

Scriptural images of resisting the Holy Spirit

Grieving the Spirit Isa 63:10; Eph 4:30

Resisting the Spirit Ac 7:51 See also Ge 6:3; Ac 6:9-10

Blaspheming against the Spirit Mk 3:29 pp Mt 12:31 pp Lk 12:10 See also Heb 10:29

Quenching the Spirit 1Th 5:19

Lying to the Spirit Ac 5:3

Testing the Spirit Ac 5:9

Ways in which the Holy Spirit is resisted

Through sin Gal 5:17 See also Eph 4:30-31

Through rebellion Ps 106:33 See also Isa 63:10

Through hardness of heart Zec 7:12 See also Ac 7:51

Through spiritual blindness 1Co 2:14

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