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Commentaries for Matthew Chapter 21

Christ enters Jerusalem.

This coming of Christ was described by the prophet Zechariah, Zec 9:9...
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He drives out those who profaned the temple.

Christ found some of the courts of the temple turned into a market for cattle and things used in the sacrifices, and partly occupied by the money-changers...
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The barren fig-tree cursed.

This cursing of the barren fig-tree represents the state of hypocrites in general, and so teaches us that Christ looks for the power of religion in those who profess it, and the savour of it from those that have the show of it...
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Jesus' discourse in the temple.

As our Lord now openly appeared as the Messiah, the chief priests and scribes were much offended, especially because he exposed and removed the abuses they encouraged...
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The parable of the two sons.

Parables which give reproof, speak plainly to the offenders, and judge them out of their own mouths...
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The parable of the wicked husbandmen.

This parable plainly sets forth the sin and ruin of the Jewish nation; and what is spoken to convict them, is spoken to caution all that enjoy the privileges of the outward church...
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