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ESAU » Older of the twin sons born to Isaac and Rebekah
GABBATHA » A place for judgment in Jerusalem, where Pilate passed sentence on Jesus ( John 19:13)
MARS' HILL » (The same as Areopagus)
OLIVES, MOUNT OF » The highway to and from the east passed over it (1 Samuel 15:30)
PAUL » Debates on Mars' Hill (at the meeting of the Areopagus Council) with Greeks (Acts 17:16-34)
PAUL » Is received by the brethren gladly; talks about the things that had been done among the Gentiles through his ministry (Acts 21:17-25)
PAUL » Enters the temple courtyard; the people are stirred up against him by some Jews from Asia; an uproar is created; he is thrust out of the temple area; the commander of the Roman garrison intervenes and arrests him (Acts 21:26-33)
PURIFICATION » By fire, for things that resist fire (Numbers 31:23)
SACRILEGE » (Profaning holy things)
SANCTIFICATION » Material things sanctified by anointing (Exodus 40:9-11)
THESSALONICA » (A city of the Macedonia area)

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