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The Bible Society of Spain has made a new translation of the Bible in Spanish with an international team of Bible specialists from different Christian churches. Two different editions of this translation have been made. One is La Palabra, a specifically evangelical edition, without the deuterocanonic books. This edition is available in an “España” edition (BLP) and a “Hispanoamérica” edition (BLPH), each adapted to the different use of the Spanish language on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.


La Palabra in its Spanish version is a faithful translation from the best available manuscripts in the original languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Despite the high accuracy and literary level of the translation, it remains easy to read and understand; the translators worked to produce a text that holds up as a beautiful and accessible piece of literature even today.


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La Palabra, (versión hispanoamericana) © 2010 Texto y Edición, Sociedad Bíblica de España

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