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Reformation Study Bible – Ps 118
Ps 118

Ps. 118 This psalm concludes the section associated with the celebration of Passover (113–118). As the last song of the group, it may have been the final psalm in the mind of Jesus as He celebrated Passover with His disciples (Mark 14:26). Jesus quoted vv. 22, 23 about Himself (Mark 12:10, 11; Matt. 23:29; Luke 13:35; cf. Acts 4:11). The people greeted Jesus’ triumphal entry with shouts of joy taken from this psalm (Mark 11:9, 10; Luke 19:38; John 12:13). The main speaker is likely the king (vv. 5–21), but the psalm as a whole is a liturgy with other speakers as well (vv. 21–27). The references to altar, temple, and procession (vv. 19, 20, 27) show that it was used in corporate worship.