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Reformation Study Bible – Pr 4
Pr 4

4:1–27 This chapter most naturally divides into three instructional sayings, each beginning with the usual address of father to son (vv. 1, 10, 20). The first saying sees wisdom as a most precious acquisition (vv. 1–9), the second as the path to true life (vv. 10–19), and the third as the way of uprightness (vv. 20–27). There is no direct reference to religion.

Wisdom traditions are shared by peoples of different cultures and religions. See notes 22:17–24:22. Solomon discussed wisdom with people from other nations (1 Kin. 4:29–34; 10:1–7), showing how certain features of wisdom were shared across national and religious boundaries. In Israel, the insights of empirical wisdom were used in the framework of the covenant relationship and cannot be separated from special revelation (1:7 and notes).