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Matt 22:1–14

22:1–14 Although there are similarities between this parable and Luke 14:16–24, there are few verbal parallels and some great differences. They should be understood as different parables given on different occasions. The first part of the parable (vv. 1–10) continues the theme begun in the previous chapter that the heirs of the kingdom have rejected it, and the kingdom has been offered to others. God’s servants have the task of offering the gospel to all people (v. 9). The second part (vv. 11–14) affirms that receiving an invitation to God’s kingdom does not guarantee inclusion; one must be properly clothed (cf. Zech. 3:3–5; Rev. 3:18; 19:8). Although everyone who hears the gospel has been invited, and although many may claim to be in the kingdom, only those clothed with Christ’s righteousness are actually presentable to God. Only those who are chosen will be present at the marriage supper of the Lamb, and this election does not depend on any previous status (8:11, 12).