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Reformation Study Bible – Mark 8:29
Mark 8:29

8:29 But who do you say that I am. Again the preeminence of the Twelve in the revelation of the person of Jesus is emphasized (v. 21; 3:14). Jesus dismisses what people say (v. 27), but retains as divinely revealed truth the confession of the Twelve (Matt. 16:16, 17 and notes).

the Christ. Lit. “the anointed One” (1 Sam. 2:10; Matt. 1:1 and notes). This is the first time in Mark’s narrative that the name “Christ” appears (it does appear in the title at 1:1). Peter’s confession (as spokesperson for the Twelve), along with the Transfiguration that follows (9:2–13), are a high point in the revelation of Jesus’ person and a turning point in His earthly ministry. From now on His teaching will concentrate on His impending death, and He will soon begin to travel to Jerusalem.