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Reformation Study Bible – Mark 6:3
Mark 6:3

6:3 carpenter. Could also mean “builder.” Jesus’ work in this occupation prior to His ministry might explain His use of building metaphors, especially when describing His own essential ministry (14:58; 15:29; Matt. 7:24; 16:18; 21:33; Luke 12:18; 17:28). The remark concerning manual labor is probably not derogatory as such, for all rabbis were expected to have a trade. Paul had been trained as a rabbi and was a maker of tents or awnings (Acts 18:3; 22:3; 26:5; Phil. 3:5, 6). The accusation is that Jesus (who teaches “wisdom” in v. 2) is a common worker without religious or academic credentials.

son of Mary. See 3:31.