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Reformation Study Bible – Mark 1:14
Mark 1:14

1:14 after John . . . into Galilee. It is often claimed that the chronology of the first three (Synoptic) Gospels is irreconcilable with that of John for three main reasons: (a) the cleansing of the temple is placed in different periods of Jesus’ ministry (11:15 note); (b) in the Synoptic Gospels Jesus is in Jerusalem only once, for the last week of His ministry, while in John He is there five times (c) in John Jesus has an early Judean ministry concurrent with that of John the Baptist (John 3:22–24), while in the Synoptic Gospels Jesus begins His ministry in Galilee. However, in saying that a Galilean ministry begins only after John the Baptist’s arrest, Mark is not denying that there was an earlier Judean ministry; it is simply not part of his story.