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Reformation Study Bible – Josh 1
Josh 1

1:1–18 The opening words indicate both the historical starting point of the book and the theological crisis with which it deals. Moses’ death concludes the judgment of God on the generation that came out of Egypt (5:4–6; Deut. 1:35; 32:51). What is to be said when Moses had died and the people of Israel had fallen under God’s judgment? Ch. 1 introduces the answer to this question, namely, that even “after the death of Moses” the Lord was faithful to His promises. See Introduction: Characteristics and Themes. This reality and its consequences are spelled out by God to Joshua (vv. 1–9), and then by Joshua to the people in general (vv. 10, 11) and the two-and-a-half tribes in particular (vv. 12–15). Finally, the people’s response is recorded (vv. 16–18).