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Reformation Study Bible – Hos 2:19
Hos 2:19

2:19 betroth. Betrothal was the final step in the courtship process and involved paying a bride-price to the bride’s father. Here the qualities of righteousness, justice, love, mercy, and faithfulness are a sort of bride-price that guarantees the permanence of the relationship.

righteousness. God’s righteousness is expressed both in His fairness and in the salvation He bestows on His people (10:12; Amos 5:7).

justice. This term can denote the legal decisions and relationships by which justice and fairness are established and restored (5:11; 6:5; 10:4; Amos 5:15, 24; Mic. 6:8).

steadfast love. See note Ex. 15:13.

mercy. The term can refer to compassion, heartfelt sensitivity, and love (1:6; Gen. 43:14; Deut. 13:17; 2 Sam. 24:14).