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Reformation Study Bible – Heb 2:13
Heb 2:13

2:13 I will put my trust in him. This confession of faith appears in 2 Sam. 22:3; Is. 8:17; 12:2—in all three a servant of God expresses trust in the face of danger. For the Son—“the founder and perfecter of our faith” (12:2)—to take these words on His lips implies His condescension, in regard to His human nature, to live by faith as we must.

I and the children God has given me. As Isaiah and his children were signs of God’s faithfulness to their generation (Is. 8:18), so the Son who is greater than the prophets (1:1, 2; 3:3–6) now has His circle of “children,” given to Him by the Father (John 17:6).