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Reformation Study Bible – Hag 2:7
Hag 2:7

2:7 treasures of all nations. Though the Hebrew term translated “treasures” could refer to a person (i.e., the Messiah), the immediate context here favors a reference to the things desired by all nations (i.e., the things precious to them). Verse 8 speaks of such precious things, and the decree of King Darius, during whose reign Haggai ministered, alludes to precious things being contributed to the temple building project (Ezra 6:3–5, 8–9). Here Haggai probably echoes Isaiah’s promise of an Israel made rich by the wealth of the nations (Is. 60:5). In other words, he speaks of the Messianic age.

fill this house with glory. God’s intention is to honor Himself by manifesting His glorious presence before “all nations.” As God’s presence fills the temple, the nations come to the light (Is. 2:3–5; 60:3).