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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 8:1
Gen 8:1

8:1 God remembered Noah. The Hebrew expression indicates action based on a previous commitment (9:15; 19:29; 30:22; Ex. 2:24; 6:5; Luke 1:72,73), not merely mental recall.

wind. The Hebrew word here is the same one for “Spirit” in 1:2, recalling the original creation account and introducing God’s first re-creative act renewing the earth out of the waters (8:1–12:9 note). Successive re-creative acts mirroring the original creation follow: the gathering of the waters (vv. 2–5; cf. 1:6–9), the placing of birds in the heavens (vv. 6–12; cf. 1:20–23), the establishment of dry ground (v. 13; cf. 1:9–12), the emergence of animals and humans upon the earth to multiply (vv. 16–19; cf. 1:24–27), and the divine blessing (9:1–3; cf. 1:28–30).