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Gen 26:1–33

26:1–33 After the introduction to the account of Isaac (25:19–34), Isaac is linked with the covenant promises (ch. 26). There are two revelations of covenantal promises (vv. 2–6, 24). Also, the extensive parallels between Isaac’s experience in ch. 26 and Abraham’s in chs. 12; 13; 20; 21—famine (v. 1; cf. 12:10), deception involving the marital status of the matriarch (v. 7; cf. 12:13; 20:2), material prosperity (vv. 13, 14; cf. 12:16; 13:6), conflict over land (vv. 20, 21; cf. 13:7), and the covenant with the Philistines at Beersheba (vv. 26–33; cf. 21:22–34)—are included to show that Isaac was indeed the recipient of the covenant promises made to Abraham. Although they remained sojourners (v. 3 note), the patriarchs had a foretaste of life in the land.