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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 14:19
Gen 14:19

14:19 blessed him. That Melchizedek blessed Abraham is understood by the author of Hebrews to indicate that Melchizedek was greater than Abraham (Heb. 7:7).

God Most High. Hebrew El Elyon. El, the supreme god in the Canaanite pantheon at the time of Abraham, had similar titles (e.g., El Olam, “Everlasting God”). The patriarchs used these titles for the Lord, the true God, Creator of heaven and earth. Abraham interpreted Melchizedek’s praise in this way, repeating the same titles but adding the covenantal divine name Lord (Yahweh) in v. 22. Though a Canaanite, Melchizedek had come to know the true God—a pagan priest could not meaningfully have “blessed” Abraham, nor would Abraham, who was consecrating the land to the Lord (12:7 note), have given “a tithe” to the priest of the depraved Canaanite god El.