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Reformation Study Bible – Gen 12:6
Gen 12:6

12:6 Shechem. See 33:18–34:31; 48:22; 50:25 and notes.

oak of Moreh. A tree whose greater height made it a preferred place of worship (13:18; 18:1; 21:33). Although pagans worshiped fertility deities under such trees, Abraham, who looked for a heavenly city (Heb. 11:10), worshiped only the true God (v. 8). The name “Moreh” means “teacher.” This was probably a pagan site for oracles; the Lord sanctified it by appearing to Abraham (v. 7).

the Canaanites . . . in the land. Two obstacles stood in the way of God’s promise: Sarah’s barrenness (11:30) and the Canaanites who prevented him from settling in the land.