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Reformation Study Bible – Ezra 2
Ezra 2

2:1–70 This list of exiles who returned may not appear theologically important, but the repetition of the same list, with some variations, in Neh. 7 would suggest otherwise. First, the Lord knows His people personally. The covenant relation between the Lord and His people is a bond of intimate friendship. Second, common people are vital to the accomplishing of God’s redemptive plan (Introduction: Characteristics and Themes). Not only are the religious and political leaders important in rebuilding the house of God, but so are the common people. In fact, “the rest of the people” contributed more to the rebuilding than did “the heads of the fathers’ houses” and the governor (Neh. 7:70–72). Third, the enumeration resembles those found in Numbers and Joshua (Num. 1; 26; Josh. 18; 19). As the Lord formed the covenant community following the Exodus from Egypt, so He re-creates it following the return from Babylon.