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Reformation Study Bible – Ezek 36:25
Ezek 36:25

36:25 sprinkle. The sprinkling or pouring of water refers to the ritual purifications for removing religious defilement (Ex. 30:17–21; Lev. 14:52; Num. 19:17–19). It is also used as a symbol for the gift of God’s Spirit, in the anointing of kings and priests and in the prophetic call (Joel 2:28, 29). The outpouring of God’s Spirit is a sign of the messianic age (37:14; 39:29; Is. 42:1; 44:3; 59:21). This rich symbolism attaches to baptism in the New Testament. The language of vv. 25–27 is closely paralleled in Ps. 51:7–11.