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Reformation Study Bible – Ezek 25:15
Ezek 25:15

25:15 Philistines. The nations mentioned thus far were east of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. The Philistines occupied the coastal plain west of Judah, controlling a long segment of the vital international coastal highway. Conflicting territorial claims and competing strategic interests made for a history of unfriendly relations with Israel. Ezekiel had already spoken of this enmity (16:27, 57). Other prophets also include oracles against the Philistines (Is. 14:29–31; Jer. 47; Joel 3:4–6; Amos 1:6–8; Zeph. 2:4–7; Zech. 9:5–7). The Philistines were Israel’s most prominent enemy in the time of the judges and of Saul, David, and Solomon.