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Reformation Study Bible – Ex 15:25
Ex 15:25

15:25 he cried. The complaint of the people directed to Moses was really against God. Since Moses led at God’s command (17:1), he appealed to the Lord.

showed. God instructs Moses by showing him a tree. The general term for God’s law (Hebrew torah) is a form of the verb “showed.” God’s revelation in this event is a “statute and a rule,” preparing for the statutes and ordinances to be given at Sinai. God’s Word instructs Israel as He leads and proves them (cf. Jesus’ use of Deut. 8:3 in Matt. 4:4). The tree is a sign of healing and sweetness (Judg. 9:11; Jer. 8:22; Gen. 2:9; Ezek. 47:7, 8).