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Reformation Study Bible – Deut 11:29
Deut 11:29

11:29 Mount Gerizim . . . Mount Ebal. The details of this ceremony are provided in chs. 27; 28; the ceremony itself was performed according to Moses’ direction by Joshua (Josh. 8:30–35). The phrases “beyond the Jordan . . . toward the going down of the sun” (v. 30) point to a location in Canaan (i.e., west of the Jordan). According to Gen. 12:6, the “oak of Moreh” is near Shechem. The precise location of Gilgal is uncertain, but it seems to have been near Jericho (Josh. 4:19). The Canaanites inhabited this whole territory, and there is no reason to doubt the usual identification of these mountains as the two mountains near Shechem astride the main north-south road.