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Reformation Study Bible – Deut 10:6–9
Deut 10:6–9

10:6–9 Some have suggested that this parenthetical section breaks the narrative and is, therefore, a later insertion. It is evident, however, that this section serves to tie together a number of themes from the preceding context: Aaron’s role in the golden calf incident, for which he was threatened with death that was averted only by Moses’ intercession (9:20); the impending possession of the land (9:1–4), in which the Levites would not participate because the Lord was their inheritance (v. 9; cf. 9:29); and the ark (vv. 1–5), which the Levites were to tend (v. 8).

The journeys in vv. 6, 7 appear to correspond to Num. 33:31–33. These movements are difficult to interpret because we can identify only a few of the places mentioned.