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Reformation Study Bible – Amos 9:15
Amos 9:15

9:15 I will plant them. The Lord promises lasting safety for His people. God’s covenant with David had promised an eternal kingship (v. 11; 2 Sam. 7:10). David’s greater Son, Jesus Christ, will guarantee redeemed Israel’s permanent blessedness.

the land that I have given them. See note Gen. 13:15. The phrasing harks back to God’s covenant with Abraham and his descendants (Gen. 12:1, 7; 13:14–17; 15:18; 17:8). The physical Promised Land is but a type of the New Israel’s life in Christ; it points forward to the heavenly Jerusalem (Heb. 11:13–16; 12:22–24). The covenant land promise finds final fulfillment in the new heavens and the new earth (Rev. 21:1–22:6).