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Reformation Study Bible – Amos 7:17
Amos 7:17

7:17 wife shall be a prostitute. Either by being ravished at the fall of the city, or out of desperation after the loss of family and wealth (cf. Deut. 28:30).

your sons and your daughters. Sons and daughters were often punished along with parents for covenant transgressions (Deut. 28:32, 53; Jer. 5:17; Ezek. 24:21); violent death was a typical covenant punishment (Is. 3:25; Jer. 39:18).

die in a unclean land. Exile would be especially distasteful for the priest Amaziah: by living in a pagan land he would become ritually unclean. See note Lev. 11–16.

Israel . . . land. Amos sarcastically quotes Amaziah’s own words from v. 11 back at him.