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Reformation Study Bible – Amos 6:2
Amos 6:2

6:2 Calneh. The identity of this city is uncertain, but it may be the Calno mentioned in Is. 10:9, which was conquered by Sargon II of Assyria in 710 b.c.

Hamath the great. Located north of Dan on the Orontes River in Syria, it was restored to Israelite control by Jeroboam II (2 Kin. 14:23–25).

Gath. One of the five major Philistine cities (1:6 note), Judah’s Uzziah had recaptured Gath from Syrian control (2 Kin. 12:17; 2 Chr. 26:6).

Are you better . . . is their territory greater. The precise historical context and meaning of this verse is debated. Some suggest that Calneh, Hamath, and Gath had been conquered, and that Israel should therefore not expect to escape conquest either. Others contend that Amos mentions other flourishing capitals of the region to show that Israel was as great as they, perhaps implying that Israel’s territory is not so small that aggressors will ignore it and attack these other cities instead.