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Reformation Study Bible – Amos 5:14
Amos 5:14

5:14 Seek good, and not evil. For this thought of effective repentance, see Is. 1:16–17. In 5:4 they were commanded to “Seek me”; only God is good (Matt. 19:17).

that you may live. Obedience to the Lord would bring them security and prosperity (Deut. 28:1–14); but the verse points to a deeper truth, that to know God is life itself (John 17:3).

God . . . with you. This is the deepest need of God’s people, expressed prophetically in the name Immanuel (“God is with us,” Is. 7:14; cf. Matt. 1:23).

as you have said. Israel complacently claimed that the Lord was with them, despite their rebelliousness, simply because He had made a covenant with them (cf. Matt. 3:9).