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Reformation Study Bible – Acts 5:37
Acts 5:37

5:37 Judas the Galilean. The Jewish historian Josephus (Jewish War 20.118) speaks of a certain Galilean who stirred up a revolt because he resisted subservience and paying taxes to the Romans. The revolt failed, but it may have laid the groundwork for the party of the Zealots. The apostle Simon the Zealot (1:13; Matt. 10:4 and note) may have previously been a member of this group.

days of the census. Not the census of Luke 2:1, which was ordered by the Emperor Augustus about 8 b.c. (but was delayed until 5 or 6 b.c.), but the census fourteen years later in a.d. 6, in the time of the Procurator Coponius.