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Reformation Study Bible – Acts 2:4
Acts 2:4

2:4 all. All of the 120 (1:15). See Joel 2:28 which speaks of God’s Spirit poured out “on all flesh.”

filled with the Holy Spirit. They were under the special guidance and influence of the Spirit, particularly evidenced by their speaking in known languages (“tongues”) which they had not previously learned (see 10:46; 19:6). Paul discusses the spiritual gift of tongues in 1 Cor. 12–14. The coming of the Spirit is the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise reported in 1:5, 8 and Luke 24:49, but this does not mean that the Holy Spirit was not present and working with God’s people in the Old Testament (“Holy Spirit” occurs in Ps. 51:11; Is. 63:10, 11; “Spirit of the Lord” in Judg. 3:10; 1 Sam. 10:6; Is. 11:2). See “The Holy Spirit” at John 14:26.

the Spirit gave them utterance. In all of the Christian life nothing is accomplished apart from God (Eph. 2:10; Phil. 2:12, 13).