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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Sam 8:17
2 Sam 8:17

8:17 Zadok the son of Ahitub. Zadok was a Levite priest descended from Aaron through Eleazar (1 Chr. 6:3–8, 50–53). Although he was one of two chief priests under David, he became the sole high priest in Solomon’s administration (1 Kin. 2:35). From that time on, the Zadokite priests were one of the most important and influential priestly families (Ezra 7:1, 2; Ezek. 40:46; 44:15).

Ahimelech the son of Abiathar. According to 20:25 and 1 Kin. 4:4, Zadok and Abiathar were David’s priests (see 15:24, 35; 19:11). It was earlier reported that Abiathar, “one of the sons of Abimelech,” had joined David during his exile from Saul’s court (1 Sam. 22:20). It seems likely, therefore, that the names of father and son have somehow been reversed here (as also in 1 Chr. 18:16). Abiathar was a descendant of Eli through a different Ahitub than Zadok’s father (1 Sam. 14:3; 22:20). His removal by Solomon for having supported Adonijah’s bid for the throne (1 Kin. 1:7, 8) brought to fulfillment the judgment on the house of Eli (1 Sam. 2:31 note; 1 Kin. 2:26, 27).

Seraiah was secretary. Variations in the recording of this name (20:25; 1 Chr. 18:16; possibly 1 Kin. 4:3) may suggest a non-Israelite origin—perhaps Egypt, where the scribal tradition was well established. The scribe would have been among the highest ranking civil servants (2 Kin. 12:10; 18:18).