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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Chr 36:21
2 Chr 36:21

36:21 land had enjoyed its Sabbaths. This observation shows that God had His own purposes in allowing the Babylonian exile of the Jews. During it the land could enjoy the Sabbath rests it had been denied (Lev. 26:40–45).

seventy years. See Jer. 25:1–14 and Dan. 9. Chronicles takes the end of the seventy years to be the first year of Cyrus (538 b.c.). Perhaps the calculation is from the first deportation (605 or 604 b.c.) under Jehoiakim. Zech. 1:12–17 may indicate that the seventy years was measured from the destruction of the temple in 586 b.c. to its rededication in 516 b.c.