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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Chr 10–28
2 Chr 10–28

10:1–28:27 The Divided Kingdom. In this section the writer makes use of 1 Kin. 12–2 Kin. 17. His record of the period of the divided monarchy does not rehearse the harsh condemnation of the northern tribes found in Kings, focusing instead on events in Judah where the temple was and the Davidic king lived. Throughout this section, the writer reports how the conditions in the kingdom depended on the nation’s faithfulness to God. As readers considered these events, they could see clearly the choices for blessing and curse in their own day.

In telling about Rehoboam’s kingship, the writer makes broad use of Kings (cf. 10:1–11:4 with 1 Kin. 12:1–24; 12:9–16 with 1 Kin. 14:21, 25–31), while presenting the material in accord with his own theological understanding and emphasis. The account is presented in two parts (chs. 10; 11 and 12:1–14), each part narrating a problematic situation, prophetic encounter, and divine blessing. The conclusion is a notice of his wars with Jeroboam and his death (12:15, 16). The chapters impress on the readers God’s curse against pride and infidelity and the benefits of living in humility and obedience to the prophetic word (20:20 note).