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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Tim 3:2
1 Tim 3:2

3:2 above reproach. A general heading to the qualifications for overseer or elder. This expression does not mean “without sin,” which would disqualify everyone, but “above scandalous reproach.” Paul’s overriding concern is that overseers (elders) have a good standing among non-Christians (v. 7). On the qualifications for overseers (elders), see Titus 1:6–9.

the husband of one wife. This difficult expression (v. 12; Titus 1:6; cf. 5:9) has been understood to prohibit polygamy, remarriage after a divorce, or marital infidelity. Given the widespread immorality in the Greco-Roman world, the last would seem to fit Paul’s focus the best.

able to teach. To mention the teaching aspect of the overseer’s (elder’s) task is important, given the problem at Ephesus (5:17).