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1 Kings 16:15

16:15 the twenty-seventh year. That is, 885 b.c.

reigned seven days in Tirzah. The history of Israel, the northern kingdom, was plagued by frequent coups and coup attempts. Judah, the southern kingdom, was somewhat more stable, perhaps because their kings continued to be descendants of David. But the instability of Israel in the north can also be blamed on their kings’ disregard for the covenant. Political upheaval was God’s way of disciplining and renewing Israel’s leadership (11:29–39; 14:7–11; 16:1–4; 21:19–22; 22:17; 2 Kin. 1:2–4).

Gibbethon. About twenty-five miles west of Jerusalem, and five miles north of Ekron, an important Philistine city.